Classes & Schedule

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Dance Curriculum:

Ages 3-18

Tap Jazz/Hip Hop Tumbling Lyrical/Ballet

Payment: Checks or cash preferred but we also accept debit and credit cards now.

Classes run September - May with two recitals.

Beginner Combo Class

Ages 3-5

1-hour classes (tap, ballet and tumbling)

Your child will be inspired to dance to familiar and fun songs; they learn the techniques of tap, ballet, and basic tumbling skills. Includes two dance routines for a special recital.

Intermediate Combo Class

Ages 6-9

1-hour classes (tap, ballet and jazz)

Your child will greatly enjoy this class with slightly more advanced tap and ballet instruction at the barre and center floor combinations, along with the basics of jazz and/or hip hop. Includes three dance routines for a special recital.

Advanced Classes

Various Ages

1-hour classes (lyrical, tap, jazz/hip hop)

Dancers will learn lyrical ballet, which is a combination of ballet and jazz movements to popular music, advanced tap techniques and routines, jazz and hip hop dances. Miss Sherri uses a graded tap curriculum for each appropriate age group.

Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Fee of $20 is due at registration along w/1st month's tuition.

Monthly tuition includes costume deposit, Christmas T-shirt, recital fee, and May tuition. (Does not include bike short for Christmas program.)

1 hour lesson per week: $70 per month

Combo Classes ages 3-6 (Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling) or 7 and up (Lyrical Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.)

$135 for 2 children
$200 for 3 children
$265 for 4 children

A, B, & Prep, mini prep Strutter Classes; 1 hour lesson: $65 per month

Annual Tuition includes costume deposit, May recital fee, Christmas recital fee and December T-shirt. May tuition and discount when you pay for the full year.

$525 for 1 child yearly rate
$1,050 for 2 children
$1,575 for three
$2,100 for four


All tuition payments are due on the first lesson of each month and will be considered late after the 15th of the same month. A $10 late fee will be added to your account for all accounts paid late. Tuition is the same for each month. Therefore, missed classes cannot be deducted, but they may be made up. The student is automatically enrolled for the entire 9 months, September through May. Notice of a drop must be given personally by phone or in writing. If you start later in the year the price is different.  ALSO, IF YOU ARE BEHIND IN TUITION BY MORE THAN TWO MONTHS YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PERFORM IN FUTURE RECITALS.

The Christmas Program
The $18 SSB T-shirt is included in your monthly tuition for the Christmas recital. SSB T-shirt only. Black bike shorts are $13 extra if you do not have some already. I will need your bike short order by November 1.

Enrollment fee $ 20.00

Christmas recital fee $ 20.00, Spring Costume fee of $55.00 and May Recital Fee of $30 per student and May tuition is also included in your monthly tuition.

Recital Pictures BY Cherish Photography will be taken in March and April. These run around $25.00 & up per package.

Dance Rules:

1. FOOD/DRINK: No chewing gum, food, or drinks except water are allowed in the studio.2. BE GOOD! We reserve the right to dismiss any student who upsets the harmony of the school.3. PUNCTUALITY: It is unfair to the child and teacher to have a student enter class late and interrupt it. The studio cannot be responsible for students prior to or after the scheduled class. Please observe the scheduled class times and be on time.4. ABSENCES: Teachers will not slow up a class to accommodate a previously absent student, but classes may be made up within the same month. There are no refunds for missed lessons.You can also schedule a private lesson (see bottom)5. PARENT OBSERVATION: Parents in Wichita Falls may observe child's class from the waiting room. Parents in Burkburnett may observe the first lesson during the months of November, February.6. DANCE ATTIRE: Hair must be pulled back and kept away from the face for all classes. Leotards and tights, or some form of dancewear, must be worn at every lesson. It is absolutely essential that the correct dance clothes be worn so the teacher may observe body movements. Pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required unless the instructor says otherwise. Label all dancewear with child's name. Please do not send your child to class without socks or tights - tap shoes will rub blisters. We have tap ties for sale so the students do not have to tie their shoes when they change shoes during class.

Special Dates (No classes on these days only.)

2018 - 2019

Labor Day, September 3
Halloween, Oct. 31
Thanksgiving, November 19-23
Christmas, December 21 - January 7
Presidents Day February 18
Spring Break, March 18- 22

Bad Weather: If school is dismissed for bad weather, we are also dismissed. In such cases, the studio answering machine AND text messages indicate cancellation of classes. Studio # (940) 733-4517 or 733-4517

2018-2019 Christmas & Spring Program Dates

Wichita Falls & BURK. Tuesday, December 11TH @ 7:00 Venue to Colonial Church.

Wichita & Burkburnett Thursday, May 9TH
7:00 @Memorial Auditorium.

Picture Date: See newsletter. Pictures are taken during your own class times by Cherish Photography.

Dance classes will end after the May recital.

Extra: Private dance lessons: $30 for 30 minutes, $60.00 for 1 hour. Ask dance instructors for information.

Class Schedule Dates 2018-2019

Monday |Burk. / Sherri & Courtney
3:45-6:00 Ages 9 - up Int.-Adv.,
4:45 Ages 6 - 8 Int.
5:45 Ages 3 -5 Beg.

Tuesday | Wichita Falls / Sherri & Courtney
4:30 Ages 6-8 - Inter., Ballet, Tap, Jazz
5:30 Ages 3-5 - Beg.
6:30 A - Strutters ADV.

Wednesday | Wichita Falls Sherri & Courtney
4:00 Sassy Stars Tap
5:00 3-4 year old beginners
6:00 Ages 6 & up

Thursday | Wichita Falls Sherri & Courtney
4:00 3-4 yr olds
5:00 5-7 yr olds
6:00 5-7 yr olds